Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Remembering Mixtape Weezy: Tha Carter III Sessions (No DJ CDQ)

Once upon a time, Lil' Wayne had the biggest buzz ever in hip-hop. He could actually rap, and he actually had witty ass punch lines.  The reason why Carter III sold a million first week was because tracks from his studio sessions were leaking out like a water faucet.  Seemed like everyday there was a new C3 song out.  And instead of hurting him, it actually helped because a LOT of the tracks were REALLY good.  Even through a majority of them never made it on the final album, everybody were still feeling those songs.  Only downside to it was that we had to hear the DJ talk through out the entire song and mixtapes smh.  SO what we have here are ALL 67 songs from the studio sessions, with NO DJ drops and excellent CD quality.  We ALL miss THIS Weezy, he needs to come back. To be honest he needs to start slipping that lean again...

Download: Part 1

Download: Part 2

Download: Part 3

you have to download all 3 parts to get all the songs

~~Mr. Busby~~

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